Slavic Brides: Meet Lovely Slavic Women Without Going Anywhere

Slavic Brides: Traits, Specifics, And Dating Tips


With the power of the internet, the boundaries between different countries and cultures gradually disappear and you can successfully meet, date, and even marry women from a completely different continent. Slavic brides have traditionally been among the most popular foreign women to marry, and here is everything you should know about them.

When you are planning for a wedding in Russia, one of the most important things is the possibility of finding Russian brides. Russian ladies have always been preferred over other foreign brides because they can provide the same exotic charm as any other woman. When speaking about marriage in Russia, it is very important that you find the perfect match for you and your future husband. Since there are many women from various countries of the world, it may take some time to find a suitable husband. But with the help of Russian mail order brides, everything will be all yours.

Who Are Slavic Brides?

Slavic brides is a collective name for women from Slavic countries who made a conscious decision to marry a foreign man. These women are free to choose their partners, so there isn’t actually a way to buy a Slavic bride or to make her marry anyone without her own consent. And it’s worth noting that the idea of marrying a Western man and moving with him abroad is now more popular than ever among Slavic women. Here are just three reasons why Slavic mail order brides actively seek Western men for marriage:

  • They are not satisfied with the local dating scene. There are many decent Slavic guys for them to date or marry, but they often end up with someone who doesn’t appreciate them and takes them for granted. Moreover, there are Slavic men who expect their woman to work full-time, tend to the house, raise the kids, and do everything while the man simply goes to work and back. This is not the future a Slavic girl wants for herself or her future children, and that is exactly why she makes the decision to marry a Western man.
  • They are attracted to foreign guys. Whether a Slavic woman has met her fair share of Western men or she only knows about them from the media, it’s safe to say that a typical Western guy absolutely meets her expectations from a potential partner. They are not only physically attracted to the appearances of foreign men, but they also value their other qualities. The most desired traits of Western men for Slavic brides are dependability, generosity, respect, sense of humor, and a sincere desire to start a family.
  • They want to achieve more in life. Some Slavic countries are doing very well, but in many of them, your chances of success heavily depend on your family background and your connections. Women from humble beginnings often have limited opportunities for growing their careers and self-development. And since those things are very important to them, they are ready to take the leap of faith and move to a foreign country, provided that it’s with a reliable man by their side.

Characteristics And Personality Traits Of Slavic Mail Order Brides

If you haven’t met a lot of Slavic brides in your life, your opinion about them is probably based on some stereotypes from the media. Today we want to give you a complete and true idea of what to expect from Slavic women for marriage, and here are their five most important qualities.

Natural beauty

The look of Slavic brides is certainly striking, but it’s also completely natural. These are not the kind of women who will do plastic surgery or put on tons of makeup just to look like somebody else. Slavic girls have beautiful natural features and they are proud of them. We also can’t help but mention the bodies of Slavic women. They are not skinny, but they are also not very curvy, striking a perfect balance between femininity and fitness.

Intelligence and wisdom

The first time you talk to a Slavic woman will be surprising to you for a number of reasons, but most importantly, her intelligence. Education is a valuable commodity in Slavic countries and parents invest a lot of effort into educating their daughters. On top of that, Slavic mail order brides are naturally wise and quick-witted, which makes any conversation with them memorable and enlightening to their partner.

Respect and manners

You only need to spend a couple of hours with a Slavic bride to realize she’s one of the most well-behaved women you’ve ever met. A Slavic woman will never make a scene in public and she will effortlessly charm anyone she meets, whether it’s your friends, your parents, or your boss. Slavic girls are also conditioned to respect men, which becomes a rare quality these days, and they are often happy to entrust the leading position in the family to their men.

Family values

Slavic women may want a comfortable life, a good job, or to travel a lot, but none of those things will ever be as vital to them as family. To a typical Slavic bride, family is a constant source of inspiration and something that makes her happy simply by being there. Slavic women always want their families to be happy and they will do anything to make it happen. You can count on your Slavic bride to always be there for you and your future kids.

Romantic nature

Slavic women may seem very ambitious and career-oriented, but deep down, they want to live out their perfect romantic fantasy. They begin dreaming about their perfect relationship very early and when they grow up, their idea of romance doesn’t change too much. A Slavic bride is the kind of girl who will give you a gift on a regular day, plan a surprise weekend romantic getaway just for the two of you, and remember to celebrate every little anniversary together.

How To Date Hot Slavic Brides?

It’s not enough to meet Slavic brides — you also need to know how to make a good impression on the lady and make her choose you for marriage. In other words, even if you have marriage on your mind, you will need to spend some time dating your Slavic bride to make sure you are a good match for each other. Here are 7 tips for making your relationship successful.

  • Take a leading position from the start. Slavic women have very traditional upbringing, and a large part of it is the notion that the man should be the leader in the relationship starting from the very first date. You need to take the matters into your own hands and never expect a Slavic bride to approach you first — this is simply out of the question.
  • Dates matter a lot. Your dating experience with local women may tell you that it doesn’t really matter where you go on a date as long as you are having fun together and can’t take your eyes off each other. This is not the case with Slavic mail order brides, who like fancy dates and enjoy it when guys make an effort to impress them.
  • Gifts never hurt. Once you’ve decided on the best date idea to impress your Slavic bride, it’s time to think about the gift you are going to give. Slavic women don’t expect the man to show up to the date empty-handed, especially for the first several dates. Flowers, sweets, and romantic memorabilia are foolproof gift options.
  • Make your intentions clear. Slavic girls are fed up with foreign men who come to their countries claiming they are looking for true love and then disappear after they get what they want. If you want to make the lady feel at ease and trust you, you should make it clear that you’re not just with her to have fun and you actually want something serious.
  • Demonstrate your true personality. You will be surprised by how perceptive a typical Slavic woman is. She can understand a lot without you saying anything and she can always see your true self. That is why there is no point in pretending to be someone you are not, especially considering that Slavic women are ready to accept their partners with all of their imperfections.
  • Prepare for meeting the parents. The connection between Slavic brides and their parents cannot be overestimated and they often live together until the woman decides to get married. Your meeting with the parents will likely happen sooner than you expect, and remember that you will only get one chance to make a positive impression on them.
  • Don’t lose time in a relationship. When a Slavic girl is in her early twenties, she has no problem with dating for several years to see whether the person is a good match for her. When she is older, she doesn’t have the luxury of spending several years of her life with no end result. If you are convinced that you want to be with that woman and that she wants it too, consider taking things to the next level.

Which Slavic Countries Do Brides Come From?

If you are interested in Slavic women for marriage, you probably have one specific country on your mind. However, you should know that there are 13 Slavic countries, and all of them are popular among Western men who want to meet Slavic brides. Here are the Slavic countries that hot Slavic brides can come from:

Obviously, the number of Slavic brides in each country is not equal and can depend on a number of factors, including the country’s population, its economic and social situation, and how popular its women are among foreigners. For example, there are thousands of Polish and Belarusian brides you can meet, while the number of Macedonian or Croatian brides is considerably lower.

Perhaps, the two most popular Slavic countries for those who want to meet Slavic brides are Russia and Ukraine. For a long time, those countries were viewed as one by foreigners, and it used to be that way back in the days of the USSR. However, since then, the two countries went their separate ways. Russian and Ukrainian brides may have a few things in common, but there are some significant differences between the two that you should know about.

Russian Brides vs. Ukrainian Brides

Normally, it can take you years of dating both Ukrainian and Russian brides to find out about their biggest differences and character traits, but we want to make things easier for you. Here are the most significant differences between Russian and Ukrainian brides that can influence your decision:

  • Appearance. Russian women have milder features and coloring compared to Ukrainain brides. Ukrainian women have dark hair and eyes, rosy cheeks, curvy figures, and are often quite tall. Russian brides have light brown or blonde hair, pale skin, delicate facial features, an average height, and their curves are not as pronounced. Both Ukrainian and Russian women are very good at maintaining their figures and youthful looks for years.
  • Attitude to men. Ukrainian women are in love with the idea of love. They are strictly monogamous, but they don’t like being alone. They are not critical about their partners and they are fully accepting. At the same time, they can be very romantic. Russian women have a romantic nature as well, but they don’t have as much dating experience. They are often sheltered and find it hard to approach men first, unlike Ukrainian brides.
  • Attitude to work. Both Ukrainian and Russian women usually work after graduating, but once they get married and start a family, their attitude becomes different. Ukrainian women typically prefer to return to work and have their own source of income even after having kids. A Russian woman can reach her peak happiness if she doesn’t have to work while being married and she can fully devote herself to her family.
  • Attitude to children. Both Russia and Ukraine are now shifting towards smaller families, which is why many Russian and Ukrainian brides grow up with one or no siblings and they don’t want a lot of kids in their own families. At the same time, Russian women tend to fully immerse themselves in motherhood and other things don’t matter to them at all. Ukrainian women, on the other hand, tend to maintain a good balance between motherhood and other aspects of their lives.

Where To Find The Best Slavic Brides?

The popularity of Slavic women for marriage needs no explanation. These women have every quality you are looking for in a potential partner, and what’s even more important, they are as interested in dating and marrying foreign men as you are fascinated by them. But where can you find your own Slavic bride when you live in a completely different part of the world?

Finding Slavic brides can be particularly challenging because these women don’t travel that often, so you won’t necessarily meet a Slavic girl on your next trip to a foreign country or even in your hometown. One of the options for finding Slavic brides is to go to your favorite Slavic country and do your search there. However, this option is not ideal for several reasons:

  • Too many women to choose from. Slavic countries are known for having an incredibly beautiful female population. When you’re walking the streets of Moscow, Kyiv, or Minsk, you will see thousands of beautiful women and you will hardly be able to choose a lady to talk to.
  • Language barrier. Slavic women are typically well-educated and they know just the right amount of English to successfully communicate with native English speakers. However, when you are talking about something as important as a potential marriage and moving abroad together, the woman may not get the right idea due to a language barrier.
  • Women are looking for different things. As a Western guy, you probably think that every Slavic bride is wager to marry a foreigner and move abroad, but that is simply not true. While some Slavic women definitely want that, it’s not the ultimate life goal for most of them, so you can end up wasting your time.

And that is not to mention the costs of traveling to Slavic countries, where even a 10-day stay at a hotel plus food, transportation, and entertainment will set you back thousands of dollars with no guaranteed results. So is there a way to meet Slavic brides that is easy, cost-effective, and, most importantly, lands you a beautiful Slavic woman to date or even marry? There surely is, and we are about to tell you all about it.

When you want to meet Slavic mail order brides from the comfort of your own desk and don’t want to go all the way to one of the Slavic countries to find yourself a partner, your best option is a Slavic brides dating site. These dating sites are different from the sites and apps you’ve used for dating before, but only in a good way. 

They are the perfect spot for meeting Slavic brides who dream of marrying a foreign man and moving abroad with him. So you won’t need to waste any time convincing the lady to consider you as a potential partner and will instead be able to do the things that matter the most, which is building a successful relationship with a lovely Slavic bride.


The decision to seek hot Slavic brides is probably the most life-changing one you’ll ever make, but it promises only positive things for you. Slavic brides make amazing girlfriends and even better wives, so even though meeting Slavic women may be more challenging than dating women from your own country, in the end, it’s definitely worth it. If you can’t get enough of Slavic beauty and are in love with the personalities of Slavic girls, don’t hesitate even for one second and begin your quest to find a Slavic bride that will make you absolutely happy.